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Various Mineral Descriptions
MVC-433 Anatase Crystals, Valdres Region, Norway - 2.5x1.5cm
MVC-431 Argentite, Freiberg Germany - 40x18mm
MVC-713 Yellow Turkey Fat Smithsonite. Philadelphia Mine, Rush AR. Color is super, great dolomite saddles, just a top of the line specimen. Beautiful Lemon Yellow Turkey Fat. 7.5x5cm
MVC-802 Great Calcite Specimen, with a nice DT, Red Cliff Area, MT - 9x7x6cm
MVC-715 Huge Quartz Cluster with Attached Barite. This is an extremely large specimen. In the upper left of the photo there is a 1.5 inch diameter Barite displayed. Top center is a nice Double Terminated Quartz Crystal. The cluster has many more double terminated crystals scattered about. Nice Large Cabinet Specimen. - Miangyang, Sichuan Prov., China - 13x3x7 Inches
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MVC-260 Extremely RARE Combo Piece from Lake George, CO - Smoky Quartz, Amazonite, and Fluorite. 5x3x4cm
MVC-696 This is the largest Turkey Smithsonite Fat in the bunch. Pictures display both sides of the specimen. Wonderful lemon yellow turkey fat colored smithsonite balls. Philadelphia Mine. 14.5x9.5cm