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Old Collection Arkansas
MVC-663 Calcite Balls on Smithsonite Balls on Sugar Quartz. This specimen looks absolutely great under a microscope. Under UV Light it glows White on Green. - 7x4cm - Monty Cristo Mine, Rush AR
MVC-664 Great Old Specimen on the wavy Dolomites, from the Philadelphia Mine, Rush AR. Some micro pyrites. 7x5cm
MVC-669 Calcite on Dolomite on sugar quartz, with some micro pyrites, and some smithsonite. This piece is great under the microscope. Philadelphia Mine. - 6.5x3.5cm
MVC-670 CAlcite on Dolomite, some smithsonite. Philadelphia Mine, AR. - 5x3cm
MVC-671 Multi Color Smithsonite Balls, on Sugar Quartz. Monty Cristo Mine. There is a picture of both sides of this specimen. 8.5x5cm
MVC-673 Calcite on Dolomite. Monty Cristo Mine. 7.5x6cm
MVC-675 Brown Smithsonite on Dolomite on Sugar Quartz, Philadelphia Mine, AR - 7.5x4cm
MVC-677 Dolomite, Smithsonite, Quartz. Monty Cristo Mine. 9.5x5cm
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MVC-678 Brown Smithsonite on Sugar Quartz, Monty Cristo Mine. 7x3cm
MVC-679 Calcite on Pink Dolomite, Monty Cristo Mine. 5x4.5cm
MVC-686 Pink Dolomite, Philadelphia Mine. 6.5x6cm
MVC-687 Beautiful lemon yellow Turkey Fat Smithsonite, psuedo after dolomite, in a pocket, with dolomites perched on top of pocket. Philadelphia Mine. 4x4.5cm
MVC-692 Nice Grey Smithsonite on Yellow Smithsonite on Dolomite Stalagmite from the Philadelphia Mine. Pictures view the specimen from both sides. 6x7x4cm