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This is a new page I have added which contains various mineral related items of interest. So far, I have added Mineral Stamps, Mineral Books, and a very nice Mount St. Helens Collectors Item. In the future, I plan to add many other items that may be of interest to collectors. Please feel free to contact me with information on any particular items you might want to see added here.


This is a wonderful 5.5" square framed photo of the ash cloud from Mount St. Helens in the top two thirds of the frame, and with a pocket of the actual ash from the above cloud in the lower third of the frame. Across the front of the ash is a label stating "Mount St. Helens Eruption May 18, 1980". On the back of the photo is a breakdown of the actual chemical composition of the ash.

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Full sheet of 48 Mint (unused) Mineral Heritage Stamps (1974). These are in excellent condition and suitable for framing.

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This is the Rhodochrosite Mineral Heritage Stamp (1974) on a first day cover , postmarked Lincoln, Nebraska.

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A nice set of 8 Canadian Mint Fossil Stamps.

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Denver Gem & Mineral Show 4 UA Covers
The scan really speaks for itself. It is magnificent when framed. Please note the any yellowing is a result of the scan; it is not an accurate reflection of the true beauty of this envelope. These are becoming quite scarce as time goes by, especially in such outstanding condition

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This is an absolutely beautiful sheet of US Postage Stamps. It contains 40 mint 29 cent stamps, face value is $11.60 - Stamp Minerals include Azurite, Copper, Variscite. and Wulfenite.

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